Elke Prinsier

Classical Guitarist

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I am Elke.

A Belgian young woman currently residing in Leuven, Belgium. I see life as an ongoing quest to discover myself and my place in the world around me, while aiming to translate that person in the music I play. A path where music is my main guide and outlet for the beautiful and ugly in life. A path which is not defined and will never be. A path that also leaves me the freedom to step off it and explore ways no one has ever been before.

I’m an artist in general, a classical guitarist in particular, performer, teacher and much more. The stage is my favorite place to be where I aim to share the joy of music with my audience and invite them into her own creative world. I love to organize events and find fulfillment in connecting to the community as an artist and actively engaging in it. I love challenges and exploring ways to push the boundaries of my creativity and broaden my professional practice in this way.

To find happiness and satisfaction in what I am doing, I believe three things are of most importance. 

Passion, the ever burning fire inside of me. The driving force behind the things I do.
Pleasure, the fuel to keep the fire going. What makes that every day I remember to be truly blessed that I am able to do what I love to do.
Personality, that unique touch making every single person worth to be seen and heard. The unique personal voice we can share with one another. 

Three pillars containing the essential ingredients to shape my art and myself. The necessary components to connect myself to what I do and to connect what I do to the world out there, to connect to you. A connection arising from intimacy and closeness. In the first place the musical bubble I step into when I take my instrument and play. But my ultimate goal is to create a shared, intimate experience with my audience and every individual in it. By opening up myself to you I want to invite you to step into my personal experience and give you the opportunity to connect to the music in your own way and to me.