Elke Prinsier is a young Belgian classical guitarist. She started her musical career at the age of 7 at the music academy in her hometown, Diksmuide. The classical guitar has been her first and biggest love. As proved by some years of practice in flute, piano and the lute. But no other instrument managed to touch her like the subtlety of the guitar. After combining extensive guitar practice with Latin-Mathematics studies at high school she decided at the age of 18 to dedicate her life fully to music. In 2014, she starts her Bachelors at the Royal Conservatory of Gent, Belgium with former GFA winner Johan Fostier and Yves Storms. After 3 years, she graduates with highest distinction.

In need of a new challenge, she decides to leave Belgium and her own guitar class she has at that moment since several years to explore life in the Netherlands. In Groningen, the guitar city of the Netherlands, she finds a true inspiration and new motivation in the virtuosic Sabrina Vlaskalic during an Erasmus exchange. In 2018, she is officially accepted in the Prince Claus Conservatory to start her masters under further guidance of Sabrina.

In 2018 Elke was asked to join the Dutch Guitar Foundation, founded and lead by Sabrina with the aim to give the guitar back its place it truly deserves in the Netherlands and far beyond. Today Elke plays a prominent role in the organization of the guitar festival and several concert series and other activities established by the Foundation.

Groningen proved on several levels the amount of professional opportunities that can be found there for guitarists and musicians in general. Next to her studies and work in the Dutch Guitar Foundation Elke is active as a concert artist, she establishes her own guitar class and is involved in music-making in the healthcare context. With fellow musicians, making music together with people with dementia is fulfilling a heart-warming and social extra dimension in her career.
After the tragic passing of Sabrina on January 17. 2019, life stood still in Groningen. We lost a friend, teacher, mentor, artistic director and everything more she was to us. Bit by bit life has to go back on track and Elke is currently finishing her master studies under the guidance of Goran Krivokapic who took over the guitar class.

Her urge to explore further horizons took her in the mean time to Germany. Elke got accepted in the Hochschule für Musik in Detmold to study in the guitar class of Dale Kavanagh during an Erasmus exchange for one semester.

Elke loves the vibrant guitar community in order to enrich and exchange her knowledge and experiences and therefore can be found regularly on guitar festivals or courses. She has followed masterclasses with some of the world’s most renowned and established guitarists such as Ricardo Gallen, Anielle Desiderio, Zoran Dukic, Judicaël Perroy, Raphaella Smits…