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March 23. 2019

Solo recital

Züschen, Germany

Solo recital in collaboration with luthier Steven den Toom.
Several of his guitars were played and presented to the audience by Elke.

March 27. 2019

Recording at Siccas

Karlsruhe, Germany

Recording of Whirler of the Dance by Carlos R. Rivera in the shop of Siccas Guitars.
Played on a Santos Hernandez 1922

May 19. 2019

Living room concert

Heide, Belgium

June 30. 2019

Living room concert

Assen, The Netherlands

September 22. 2019

"Chez Toine"

Zuidlaarderveen, The Netherlands

Solo and trio with Kristina Vårlid and Jorrit Douwes.

November 3. 2019

Hunze/Van Starkenborgh Series

Groningen, The Netherlands

Solo recital for the opening of this new local concert series.

November 22. 2019

Concert at Jahresabschlussessen der CDU

Heidenoldendorf, Germany

November 24. 2019

"Koffie Klassiek" at Oosterpoort

Groningen, The Netherlands

Class concert with the guitar class of the Prince Claus Conservatoire of Groningen.
Moderation by Mark Vondenhoff, Head of Department.

December 8. 2019

Concert at book presentation

Genk, Belgium

Musical accompaniment at the book presentation of "In de kunst gelogeerd" by Marie Becuwe.